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Create a Life of Purpose & Joy. Free from Stress & Anxiety

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Experience Emotional Freedom

For 2021 I have a brand. new gift for you.A gift of gratitude to help you move forward in your journey towards your dreams.  Check out the 7 Hidden Blocks that may be Sabotaging your Success.


Hi. I'm Pialee 

Author, certified life coach, alternative emotional-healing therapy practitioner, workshop leader, meditation mentor and counsellor.

Pialee is an Author, Emotional  Wellness and Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT and  NLP practitioner and meditation mentor.  Pialee blends traditional coaching methods, globally practiced emotional-healing techniques, and deep healing through hypnotherapy and energy work to help clients release mental, physical, and spiritual blocks to success  and  manifest joy and abundance.  

About my book

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How we handle our thoughts is directly proportional to how we live our life. Think Design Live: Unblock Your Mind and Live Your Dreams is designed to be your own personal friend and guide, holding up the mirror for you.

This book attempts to help you understand yourself better —your motivations, your uniqueness, your needs and desires, your dream for yourself and the life you would love to live, and what is holding you back or blocking you from it. You will find transformational tools that help you to design your own life, by breaking through your mental and emotional blocks and stuck states, enabling you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

The most important message in this book is: A joyous life is your birthright and it can be mindfully created by you. As you process the ideas presented in the book and experiment with them in your daily life, you can  manifest a life by choice opening up to the multitude of possibilities that exist  in the quantum field.

From My Blog

My blogs are written keeping in mind the purpose of this site - designing a life you would love living. The categories are:

Living a life of purpose; meditation in daily life; emotional freedom - finding joy and happiness, manifesting abundance using the universal laws of attraction; leading a life free from anxiety and stress; overcoming limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks.  

Start your Journey

Start Your Journey

As an Emotional-wellness and Transformational Coach, I have been successfully coaching clients, helping them overcome barriers that come in the way of their vision, and m...
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What People Say

"I had the pleasure of receiving EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) at the end of November last year (2015) just a week before I was going to have a partial nephrectomy. I didn't know the nature of my surgery then nor if the tumor I had on my kidney would turn out malignant. I had four sessions with Pialee through which I went from a heightened emotional state of wanting to break down and cry at every mention of the surgery to an extremely calm and immensely positive attitude towards what lay ahead. She helped me identify my triggers and manage them in a way that helped me sail through the surgery with great strength. For instance, I remember feeling quite exhilarated even on the morning of the surgery as I sat in my hospital room going over the session that I was taught. Pialee was patient and caring and truly changed my attitude towards what was clearly a very trying time."  


Sowmiya Ashok, Journalist

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