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New Book Release 2020

How we handle our thoughts is directly proportional to how we live our life. Think Design Live: Unblock Your Mind and Live Your Dreams is designed to be your own personal friend and guide, holding up the mirror for you.

This book attempts to help you understand yourself better —your motivations, your uniqueness, your needs and desires, your dream for yourself and the life you would love to live, and what is holding you back or blocking you from it. You will find transformational tools that help you to design your own life, by breaking through your mental and emotional blocks and stuck states, enabling you to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

The most important message in this book is: A joyous life is your birthright and it can be mindfully created by you. As you process the ideas presented in the book and experiment with them in your daily life, you can  manifest a life by choice opening up to the multitude of possibilities that exist  in the quantum field.

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